The Story of the You Can Recover Project

Aida with Gayathri at her book launch in March 2014

Aida with Gayathri at her book launch in March 2014

Like many people struggling with mental illness, I had given up hope for recovery. After years of struggling with depression, my life was a blur of doctor visits, medications, hospitalizations, and failed suicide attempts.

I felt alone, afraid and ashamed. But, in April 1989, a stranger came to visit me in the most unlikely of places, a psychiatric ward, and gave me the gift of HOPE that changed my life forever.

Her name was Aida.

In the short time we spent together, Aida held me in her arms and shared her struggles with depression, and her relentless pursuit of recovery. In sharing her struggles and her resilience, Aida helped me realize that I was not alone, and helped me believe that I could recover just as she had.

I sincerely hope that the stories shared in the You Can Recover Project will give HOPE to people struggling with mental health issues around the world, and let them know they can recover, just as Aida’s story inspired me to recover and rebuild a healthy, meaningful, productive life.


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