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For me, wellness is being your best self. Each one of us knows how difficult it is to act and behave kindly, to not dwell on others’ judgment of us, or to keep up with our healthy diets and exercise schedules. Living “well” isn’t exactly easy; it is built up of small or important routines, people, or interactions. There is no one correct way to live well; it is about finding what works for you and using it. For example, I live well when I surround myself with supportive people. They keep me accountable to make sure I am keeping up with my therapy, or making sure I am getting enough social interaction. For others, they may not have people to surround themselves, or may not want people around much at all; maybe they live better in solace, perhaps meditating or praying. Some benefit the best with nonhuman companions such as dogs or cats. Whatever the way to wellness, what is important is that it is your own. My wellness looks like daily medication, weekly therapy, monthly visits with my psychiatrist, and fitting as many coping skills into my day as possible, such as spending copious amounts of time with my animals, spending time with friends and family, listening to music, writing or blogging, baking, shopping, singing, and working. Many people’s path to wellness will differ from mine, but that’s alright. Keep searching for what works best for you, and use it.

Bekah Miles is a member of ASHA International’s Healthy Minds, Healthy Lives Speakers Bureau and the winner of the 2016 HopeBringer Award.


Beka’s Message for Hope

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