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We Give Hope

We are delighted to share that the New Year was off to a great start!
In January, our Storytellers reached nearly 500 students at local high schools through our Let’s Talk About Mental Program. Here is some of the heartwarming feedback:
“This presentation showed me that everything gets better and to never lose hope. Also, it helped me realize my resources and showed me that I’m never alone.”
“I used to feel suicidal, and have autism, and anxiety. This presentation taught me ways to positively cope with them and not be afraid to speak up and talk to others about my mental health.”
“I found that hearing other people’s stories helped me feel normal and know that there is hope.”
“Because I have dealt with mental health issues a lot in the past, it was nice to hear other people’s stories and how they got better.”
“You provided a safe place where people could ask questions if they didn’t understand. Also, in each story, I connected to at least one thing. This program needs to be presented at every school!”
We are most grateful for the ninety-four hand-written thank you letters from the students at Century High School.
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