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Larisa A. Klein

Larisa A. Klein


Larisa is a professional in the field of mental health and addiction. She earned a Master of Arts degree in Counseling and has directly cared for women, men, children and the elderly living with a mental illness or addiction with great compassion and care. She now serves in an outreach capacity for Cedar Hills Hospital, a treatment program that helps people regain command of their lives through various treatment models. She is proud to serve on the board for ASHA International and respects the approach of holistic wellness for those living with a mental illness or addiction.

Larisa says: “When I first met Gayathri and heard her story it made me realize why I have chosen to devote my career to the field of mental healthcare. I knew from the age of 18 years old God called me to be a light to those in need. I see ASHA International as that light and I am excited to see the mission of ASHA International succeed.”

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