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Christopher Gordon, MD

Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School; Senior Vice President and Medical Director, Advocates, Incorporated, USA

“Gayathri Ramprasad’s story of recovery and self-transformation is a marvel and inspiration for all of us – those who suffer, those who serve – that even at the darkest moments, hope, recovery and peace are possible. The experience of hearing this story from Gayathri herself, with her radiant energy, passion and love, was simply astonishing.”

Sara Hartman

Vice President of Mental Health, Association for Behavioral Healthcare, USA

“Gayathri Ramprasad is a captivating and moving speaker. Her story of mental illness and remarkable struggle to recover within the multi-cultural context of a South-Asian heritage in America crosses all cultures and is universally inspiring. Her grace, warmth, courage, and determination, together with the appreciation for the lessons and gifts of her life encourage those listening to reach higher to try to make recovery real for all.”

Patricia B. Nemec, Psy.D. C.R.C., C.P.R.P.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Workforce Development Consultant, USA

“For anyone struggling against the darkness of depression, Gayathri Ramprasad provides a ray of hope. For everyone using and/or providing mental health services, she provides powerful evidence that recovery is real. To say she is an inspiring speaker is an understatement; she is truly a driving force for good. Her entrepreneurial spirit, her personal commitment, and her charisma contribute energy and direction to ongoing efforts to advance humane treatment, effective services, and public acceptance of people with mental illnesses.”

Maria Battaglia

Recovery Counselor, The Edinburg Center, USA

“Gayathri Ramprasad’s brave journey through the realms of mental illness and her remarkable recovery is a symbol of unimaginable hope and discovery. Gayathri’s, words and eloquence created emotions of empowerment and evoked feelings of importance towards all who listened to her captivating story. She is a modern day, woman of wisdom, luminosity, honesty and sincerity. Gayathri’s inner light, brightens the world.”

Hisla Bates, MD

Associate Medical Director, Pediatric and Adult Psychiatrist, Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership (MBHP), USA

“It was wonderful meeting you Gayathri and hearing about your journey. Your experiences in the psychiatric community bring to light the importance of acknowledging cultural differences; and how we might incorporate those differences or beliefs to facilitate the path toward healing. You also made reference to the importance of non-verbal and expressive therapies giving you a ray of hope when you thought you had none. Thank you for such a powerful and insightful vision, your strength and persistence will bring about change.”

Vandana Wadhwa, PhD


“Gayathri’s courage is inspiring—that she speaks of her own lived experience, and so eloquently too, regarding a topic so heavily stigmatized, is a testament to the strength of her spirit. Bridging the best that western and non-western cultures have to offer in the understanding and healing of mental and behavioral differences, Gayathri is positively impacting our society in ways that are direly needed—we need more people like her in this world!”

Clara Carr, MS, CAGS, LMHC

Director, Rehabilitation and Recovery, Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership, USA

“It was a pleasure to meet you again Gayathri, and a privilege to experience your powerfully delivered presentation. It was incredibly moving to hear your heartfelt account of your intimate and open experience of mental illness and recovery. Your courage and passion exude through your message of hope.”

Marlene Smith

Providence Behavioral Health, Providence Health & Services, USA

“The Presentation was vibrant, engaging, informative, helpful to practice, and invaluable in understanding how important cultural sensitivity is to the therapeutic interaction and healing.”

Valeria A. Chambers

Consumers of Color Peer Networking Project Director, Certified Peer Specialist Trainer, The Transformation Center, USA

“Gayathri is a wonderful presenter and teacher whose warmth and dynamic presence immediately draw you in and hold your attention. Her lecture Cultivating Wellness: An Indo-American Perspective is so engaging, it doesn’t feel like a lecture at all; nonetheless, it is clearly thought out and expertly sprinkled with personal anecdotes and resources related to the topic. I felt truly blessed and inspired by the power of her recovery story. There was much food for thought, and I learned many things to help myself and others, spiritually, mentally and physically.”

Peter Bittel


“Your story was very moving and beautifully spoken. I am a program director for a residence in Cambridge, MA, of ten folks who contend with various forms of mental illness. I could only think that, if they could have seen your talk Cultivating Wellness: An Indo-American Perspective and witnessed the spirit you have nurtured, they would be quite heartened and inspired by its force.”

Janel Tan, LMHC, CPRP

Director, Vinfen Mental Health Recovery Learning Center, USA

“Ms. Ramprasad’s unique workshop offers valuable insight and perspective into the Indo-American culture. Through this workshop, she shares her own recovery story and journey that inspires and instills hope for all people struggling with mental illness. She also teaches hands-on cross-cultural stress management techniques that enlighten people on how to balance the stressors of everyday life. Her workshop truly empowers people to foster a sense of confidence within themselves as well as fosters an enlightened cultural community.”

Melanie Erskine MSN, RN, CS, CARN

VA Pittsburg Healthcare System MOVE Coordinator/WIN Employee Wellness Coordinator, USA

“You are a most captivating speaker. Your voice inflection, modulation and eye contact had me mesmerized. As a clinician whose focus is wellness for Veterans, their families, and employees and their families of the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System, I am often in a position to teach, support, and direct large groups of individuals.

You are truly a model of excellence.”

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