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Testimonials Page 2

Testimonials Page 2

Evelyn Bussema, LMSW, CPRP

United States Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (USPRA) Education and Training Director, USA

“Dear Gayathri,
It was my privilege to listen to your session on Culture Counts: Variations in Cultural Value systems and its impact on recovery at the International Symposium at the USPRA conference. Your sharing such deeply personal information left images that will long be remembered by the practitioners who were in the audience and will have long lasting impact on practice.”

Altaf Sheikh

Schizophrenia Awareness Association, India

“It was my dream to be an architect.  Due to my illness, this dream had turned to ashes.  But, new hope has arisen like a phoenix out of these ashes.  Today’s program and Gayathri have inspired me to fly again!”

Dr. Vinay Barhale

Sr. Consultant Psychiatrist, Shanti Nursing Home, India 

“I have been working in the field of Psychiatry in Aurangabad, India, for last 29 years and I rate this program on mental illness as The Best, I have ever seen.  It is my sincere belief that programs like these should occur more frequently, so as to benefit humanity at large.”

Reshma Valliappan

Schizophrenia Awareness Association, India

“Gayathri…when I first spoke to her over the phone, her voice said ‘I care’, when I saw her walk through the door the first time, I saw the letters ‘H’,’O’,’P’,’E’  accompany her, when she gave me a hug, I know she said ‘I am here’.

She is truly ‘unbelievably believable’! I was going through a rough patch throughout, but with her voice, her presence and her touch, it just made all the difference to me. It definitely inspired me to move on and aim for a mission in my life too!”

Captain Johann Samuhanand

President, NAMI India, Bangalore Chapter

“I think for the first time an audience of about 200 containing eminent psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric social workers along with families’ listened with rapt attention to the VOICES of the treated mentally ill –  A very informative evening for everyone who took part.”

Raghunath Acharya

Schizophrenia Awareness Association, India

“Gayathri has shown by her own example that the toughest hardships can be overcome by sheer determination.  She is a beacon of light for those who suffer from mental illness. Through her efforts she proves that tough times don’t last but tough persons do!”

Smita Godse

Schizophrenia Awareness Association, India

“Gayathri brought out a powerful message that every individual has a candle in his/her heart and he/she possesses a potential to light candles in others’ hearts. Even neglected seeds in the earth sprout when it rains. Gayathri came like a rain and kindled hope in the lives of those suffering from mental illness.”

Dr.Ganesh Dhakappa

Honorable Secretary, Family Physicians’ Association, India

“I sincerely thank both of you for your lucid & thought provoking talks given to our members today, titled Building Bridges: The Importance of Integrating Primary & Mental Health Care. I am sure all doctors present will seriously rethink seeing a mental health sufferer with a new vision – as a ‘person’ & not as a disease.”

Susan Keter

Users and Survivors of Psychiatry (USP), Kenya

The Power of Peers: The Role of Peers in the Mental Health System is a very innovative program. You are very courageous to come out openly and speak about personal experience with mental illness. Keep up the good work and reach out to underserved areas, especially in poorer countries.”

Psychiatric Social Worker

National Institute of Mental Health & Neurosciences (NIMHANS), India

“You are a wonderful speaker. It would be helpful for all patients in India and around the world if you could reach out to healthcare professionals. We surely need your assistance in raising awareness about mental health issues among healthcare professionals. Hope to see a day when doctors value patient’s experience and feelings.”

10th Grade Student

Hymamshu Jyothi Kala Peetha, India

“I would like to see Dare to Care: What a Difference A Friend Makes presented every year in my school. It could help students like me a lot. The program was very useful to me.”

G. Annapoorna

Hymamshu Jyothi Kala Peetha, Bangalore, India

Dare to Care: What a Difference A Friend Makes was a very informative presentation. All educational institutions from schools to universities and the working sector will benefit from this presentation.”

B.Nagesh Rao

Caregiver, India

“I am deeply indebted to you for the excellent opportunity provided to me to listen to you at the workshop DEFEAT DEPRESSION: 8 Keys to Recover & Thrive. Being a care-giver to a person with psychiatric illness, it was an educative process and a memorable experience for me. Your presentation was excellent and thought-provoking, kindling a ray of hope in all the participants that there is real Hope for Mental patients. Your life experience that you shared with us is a testimony towards this possibility.”

Lalitha Raghunathan, Ph.D

Director, Medical Genetics (Retd.), Legacy Health System, USA 

DEFEAT DEPRESSION: 8 Keys to Recover & Thrive was a very well presented talk, sharing your personal battle with depression and your amazing recovery. It was in par with the self-help lectures given by such gurus as Wayne Dryer and Deepak Chopra.”


Richmond Fellowship Postgraduate College, India

“Thank you for conducting the Power of Peers workshop at Chetana. It was an eye-opener to the immense possibilities of integrating peers in the therapeutic process and the fight against mental illness and stigma. Having heard it from you was added proof that it is truly possible. I would love to witness and participate in this movement in my journey to becoming a mental health worker and a responsible citizen.”

Porsche Poh, Founder

Executive Director, Silver Ribbon Singapore 

“Gayathri Ramprasad is an extremely confident, inspirational, and passionate speaker, touching the heart of the mental health professionals, caregivers, and consumers in Singapore with her experience and positive thoughts. The tight schedule of the conference had left her really tired but this did not deter her from continuing to share her views on how we could combat mental – health stigma and encourage early treatment.  She is truly the Helen Keller of Mental Health.”

Dr. C. B. Khare

Chief, Department of Psychological Medicine, National University of Singapore

“We watched and experienced Gayathri Ramprasad spread the light in the tunnel of darkness of apathy and neglect through her powerful, moving and credible experiences that captivated and inspired the audience. Her message of hope rejuvenates the enthusiasm of the care givers, the sufferers as well as those who are less aware of mental illness.”


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