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Testimonials Page 3

Testimonials Page 3


Psychiatric Rehabilitation Specialist, Taiwan

“It was very inspiring for me to have the chance to attend your workshop THRIVE: Transforming Trauma into Triumph. Thank you for sharing your lived experiences and the journey to rehabilitation. It was a very touching presentation, providing hope for people facing mental illness and reinforced the value of the rehabilitation process.

You are an example of overcoming the barriers induced by mental illness.”

Dr. Suthahar Ariaratnam

Consultant Psychiatrist, Kelana Jaya Medical Center Malaysia

“An inspirational yet simple presentation coming from someone who has not only endured mental illness personally but also successfully recovered after overcoming numerous obstacles along the way.

Drawing from her valuable experience, Gayathri was able to innovatively create user-friendly approaches to transform the trauma of mental illness into the triumph of recovery.”


Psychiatric Nurse, Singapore

“Your story will inspire us and the world that having mental illness is not the end of the world. You are a living proof that there is hope for all people suffering from mental illness.”


Psychiatric Nurse, Singapore

“Thank you so much for having the courage to share your story with the world!

Thank you for affirming my conviction that persons with mental illness do have a chance for recovery and to have a life, that all is not bleak and hopeless. Your story also confirms for me that the answer for persons with mental illness does not lie wholly in medications and there are alternatives to live a full and vibrant life. For all who’ve had dances with the devils of insanity, you and others like you are rays of light and hope!

Thank you ever so much for stepping up!”

Michael Pang

Chairman, Caregivers’ Association of the Mentally-Ill

A Candle in the Dark is an iconic representation of Ms Gayathri Ramprasad.

The light that she portrays is a reflection of the hope she provides people.  Her sharing touched many hearts at the 2008 Asia Pacific Psychiatric Rehabilitation Conference and brought tears to the eyes of caregivers and care providers who listened to her words.”

Shubhangi R. Parkar MD

Seth G.S. Medical College & K.E.M. Hospital, India

“Absolutely inspiring!  Highly educational! My colleagues and I still talk about your incredible presentation. Your programs should be incorporated into schools of medicine, nursing, and other healthcare fields.”

Captain Johann Samuhanand

President, NAMI India

“Gayathri’s presentation, De-Mystifying Mental Illness, provided lots of useful information to the clients and care-givers.  It broke many a myth and gave hope to all who listened to her inspiring talk.”

Heather Nesbitt-Sanders

Nursing Student, Oregon Health and Sciences University, USA

“I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude for your involvement with the screening of Devrai. I found this movie to be a profound and insightful journey into the personal experiences of both the individual and the loved ones of a person who has schizophrenia. The panel discussion following the movie provided useful evidence based information about the science, treatment and lifelong management of mental illness.
I was also pleased to have the opportunity to learn more about varying cultural perspectives in order to establish a greater awareness for my future practice.
Thank you for your devotion and continuing endeavors to bring about a greater awareness and understanding of the many issues associated with mental illness. Hopefully there will be a time when stigma is no longer associated with mental illness.”

Karen Shawcross

Executive Director, Bienestar, USA

“Thank you, Gayathri, for partnering with us and others in Washington County to bring ASHA International’s program Abriendo Mentes, Abriendo Corazones on May 17, 2009.  Lucrecia Suarez’ presentation on ‘Healing Multigenerational Depression – A Latino Perspective’ was incredibly valuable for all who were there.  We were so pleased to work with you to bring mental health awareness to the Latino families that we serve by providing affordable housing and resident services programs.  The need for this kind of outreach into the Latino community is huge, and we hope that this is just the beginning of our work together to spread the message of hope and awareness in Washington County.  The presentation was unique in its cultural sensitivity and cultural competency, and we were honored to be your partner in a message of hope.”

William H. Wilson MD

Professor of Psychiatry, Director, Inpatient Psychiatric Services, Oregon Health & Science University, USA

“Thank you again for partnering with us by bringing ASHA International’s signature program Culture Counts featuring Standing in the Shadows: Black Men and Depression presented by John Head at OHSU’s Psychiatric Grand Rounds. Your presentations served as a hopeful call to action to all of us who care about providing culturally sensitive, person centered care to as wide a population as possible.



“I felt very happy and relieved after meeting you. You made me see OCD in a different light. Your words were very supportive and uplifting. It was easy for me to put my trust in you after meeting you and hearing your own story of your struggle with depression, how you handled it, and how you continue to manage it now. You did not feel any shame in sharing your story with me.

I admire you for your spirit. Your genuine willingness to help me in my own road to recovery is motivating.

I felt at ease to express my feelings to you. You were able to understand me better than my therapist. You helped me understand that I’m just like anybody else who has a disease like cancer or diabetes. That it is not my fault. You were very supportive and showed a genuine interest in helping me overcome OCD. You were able to show me light in dark places. There was a connection between us.

Thank you very much for all the things you do. I want my life back and I’m not surrendering to OCD and I know that with your help, and also the support of family and friends, I can do this.”

Family Member


“My wife has been suffering from severe contamination OCD for the past few years and has experienced so much anxiety, fears, and panic that it has been very difficult for her and our family to live a “normal” life. The OCD affected everything….our home became extremely messy; our relationship as a couple was essentially gone; our daughter did not have a regular childhood; and my career was impacted, ultimately resulting in job loss.

Our family’s road to wellness will not be quick or easy but knowing that Gayathri is there for us gives us the courage to make the journey. We are truly grateful that Gayathri has come into our lives. She has been our candle in the dark.”

Family Member


“We feel very fortunate to have met Gayathri. One of our family members is suffering from OCD. Until we met Gayathri neither the patient nor us understood the difficulties we were all facing in day to day life. Just from understanding more about OCD with the help of Gayathri, our days seem a little better.

Thank you Gayathri for caring about us. Your time spent with so much patience and sharing knowledge and experience has made difference in our lives.”

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