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Let’s Celebrate the Class of 2020!

Over the last few years, we have had the privilege of mentoring youth storytellers Hanna Kane, Jaxon Buell, Hoda AbouEich & Eric Martz. Their stories have inspired and empowered thousands of youth and adults to take charge of their mental health and well-being. Their courage, resilience and activism will lead us into a better world of equity & inclusion. Please join us in congratulating the class of 2020, and wishing them the very best.  Hanna Kane   This fall I will be attending the Honors College at University of Washington with a plan to study constitutional law and American history. My goal is to become an attorney practicing constitutional law with a focus on social justice and big data. In college I am looking forward to connecting with the queer community, taking as varied classes as I can, and perhaps studying abroad in Ireland.    Becoming an ASHA storyteller has allowed me to reclaim control of my story, sharing my struggles to empower others and myself in the process. It has taught me the power of both a single story and a community coming together to support healing and growth. I will always be a storyteller at heart, and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities I’ve had with the organization.  Jaxon Buell   This fall I will be a private in the Marine Corps with a M.O.S. of intelligence. My goal is to become a data analyst for one of the US intelligence agencies. During my time in the Marine Corps, I look forward to making new and lifelong friends and comrades, as well as being able to...
Share your story. Give Hope. Change Lives.

Share your story. Give Hope. Change Lives.

  Each of us has a story – a story of struggle and resilience. Stories connect and comfort us in our shared struggles, help us know that we are not alone, and give us HOPE to cope, survive and thrive. Personal stories have the power to save lives and create social change. Our story is our SUPERPOWER!   Please send us your story and let us know how you are staying resilient in these uncertain times – what are you doing to take care of yourself ? What gives you hope? If you are sending your story in text, please keep it to 1,600 words or less, and email it to If you are sending your story as a video, please keep it to 5 minutes or less, upload it to You Tube of a video sharing site, and send the link to We will be delighted to share your stories on our social media sites to inspire hope in our...

Together, we will rise up stronger, kinder, and resilient.

Hope you are doing well and coping with these uncertain times with love and compassion. Now more than ever, we need to have hope in the resilience within each of us to rise above these troubling times with courage and creativity. Together, we will overcome the coronavirus pandemic and the disruption it has caused in our lives and around the world. All of us at ASHA International are here for you and we hope you will stay connected and regularly check in to our social sites for helpful articles on self-care and social support. Together, we will rise through these trying times, stronger, kinder and more...
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