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We Give Hope

If you expressed yourself about how to improve youth mental health, what would you say and why?

Thank you to our program funder

ASHA International thanks Creative Life Lines and Mind Matters, PC for their support and collaboration on this project.

Congratulations to you and your team for the “If My Words Could Make a Difference” Youth Mental Health Campaign! 

You are such an amazing advocate for mental health and I am so glad that you are using your talent to approach this problem with a different lens.”
Izabela and Katia Maciolek, Parent and Student

Interested in participating in this program?

“If My Words Could Make a Difference” is absolutely wonderful. As a parent and an educator, I am so grateful.” 
Shelby McConville, Parent and Educator

The Importance of Mental Health

Mental health impacts our quality of life each and every day and impacts our very ability to stay alive. For youth in Oregon suicide is a leading cause of death. We all need to work together to improve youth mental health and prevent suicide. Youth ages 13 – 21 years old are an essential part of that conversation in order for positive change to be made.

You are important. Your thoughts, feelings, and observations are important. You can make a difference.

  • What if your ideas could help change the world?
  • What if your ideas could help improve the life of just one person?

Would it be worth it? We think so!

Why we do this Work

The “If My Words Could Make A Difference” Youth Mental Health Campaign aims to improve youth mental health by putting a stop to silence, shame, and stigma by courageously sharing lived experiences and ideas on what needs to change and be done to improve attitudes, support, and treatment. 

The goals of the “If My Words Could Make A Difference” Youth Mental Health Campaign are: 

  • To provide youth an opportunity to express their creative ideas (artwork, essay, story, poem, song or play) about how to improve and better address the mental health needs of youth. 
  • To offer mental health professionals insight directly from youth about how to better address their mental health needs.
  •  To encourage mental health professionals to understand and implement change based on the ideas of youth.

Your unique contribution is vital to reaching the goals of the “If My Words Could Make A Difference” Youth Mental Health Campaign. ASHA International and Creative Life Lines at Mind Matters, PC invites you – yes, you! – to put pen to paper and fingertip to keyboard to share your ideas on how to improve the mental health of youth just like yourself and your peers.

Your Voice Has Power

  • No one has your unique experiences and voice.
  • Sharing our ideas we learn that while we are unique we are also not alone.
  • Ideas have transformational power to create change when we listen and act.
  • Speaking up for what we believe is right helps create the better tomorrow. 
  • Speaking against what we believe to be wrong is a truth that needs to be told. 
  • When we express ourselves we are empowered to become part of the solution. 
  • One voice when joined with other voices is powerful and manifests change in the world.  

Please share your voice and become part of the “If My Words Could Make A Difference” Youth Mental Health Campaign.

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