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We Give Hope

, Kim Van Eaton

Kim Van Eaton

To change you must choose life!

Kim wants to spread the good news: Recovery is possible.

Kim was in the shadow of death, self-medicated for anxiety, manic depression and other mental health challenges. Everything she owned was in a grocery cart. She was living on the streets with no hope. But she found a way out! Now she’s loved, loving and living as her true self. Her life experiences compelled her to become a Peer Wellness Specialist. She leads people with mental health and addiction challenges back into the community, facilitates wellness groups and encourages healthy ways to cope. She advocates for self-determination. She shares her poetry, appeared in a commercial promoting mental health awareness and speaks in the community and workplace on how stigma affects those she serves.

Kim shares her story to end the stigma surrounding mental illness, because stigma forces people to suffer in silence, and prevents them from seeking help. She wants to let people struggling with mental health conditions know they’re valuable, and have strengths and abilities. That they are not merely a diagnosis. She wants to let people know that it’s OK to ask for help, that they can change and live a life worth living.

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