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Child Psychiatrist Diane Kaufman shares her story to promote mental health awareness and end stigma

ASHA Storyteller Diane Kaufman, MD is a poet, artist, and Child Psychiatrist. She is also a suicide survivor, and has Bipolar II Disorder. In celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month, Diane shared her story with KATU to end the stigma and shame surrounding mental illness. And remind us all that mental illness and wellness is part of being human. Treatment works. People can recover and...
It’s time to share our struggles & seek help.

It’s time to share our struggles & seek help.

  “It’s only natural to go to the doctor if you cut yourself. It’s only natural to put your arm in a cast if you broke your arm. Or take antibiotics if you get bronchitis. But I wasn’t raised in a family where you’d get help if you were struggling mentally.” Says Nike executive and parent Dave Schechter, “it’s time to share our struggles and seek help.” #MyStoryMySuperpower #MentalHealthMatters...
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