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Cultivating Wellness: Holistic Practices to Promote Mental Health & Wellbeing

Presented by Gayathri Ramprasad, MBA, CPS

Wellness is achieved when all dimensions of a person’s life are integrated and in balance: Physical, emotional, financial, social, occupational, intellectual, environmental, and spiritual.

Offering her recovery story as a testimonial, the presenter will demonstrate how participants can cultivate mental health and wellbeing by harnessing the healing power of pranayama, transcendental meditation, yoga, journaling, cognitive behavioral therapy, nutrition, hydration, spirituality, social connectedness, and sleep.

During this interactive Wellness Workshop, participants will:

  • Learn about the holistic paradigm of wellness
  • Explore a variety of wellness tools
  • Create a Personalized Wellness Action Plans

Healing From Depression: 8 Keys to Recover & Thrive

Presented by Gayathri Ramprasad, MBA, CPS

Depression is a leading cause of disability worldwide. Globally, more than 350 million men, women and children of all ages suffer from depression, and at its worst, depression can lead to suicide.  Depression can be diagnosed and treated effectively. But, fewer than 25% of those affected have access to effective treatment. Stigma, discrimination, lack of awareness and access to affordable care deter people from seeking life-saving treatment and social supports.

This innovative and highly interactive Wellness Workshop will inspire audiences with a renewed sense of hope, and provide a wide array of tips and tools to overcome barriers to recovery and achieve wellbeing.

During this Wellness Workshop, participants will:

  • Discover 8 keys to recover and thrive
  • Explore 8 Dimensions of Wellness
  • Create a Personalized Wellness Action Plan

THRIVE: Transforming Trauma into Triumph

Presented by Gayathri Ramprasad, MBA, CPS

Mental health conditions affect 1 in 4 people around the world. They disrupt a person’s thinking, feeling, moods and ability to relate to others, thereby affecting their lives and livelihood. Mental health conditions are leading causes of disability worldwide resulting in significant social, economic and human costs. Treatment works and recovery is possible. But, less than one-third of those affected receive effective care. The stigma and shame surrounding mental illness prevents many people from sharing their struggles and seeking help.

This innovative and highly interactive Wellness Workshop will inspire participants with a renewed sense of hope, and provide a wide array of tips and tools to transform the trauma of living with a mental health condition into the triumph of recovery and wellbeing.

During this Wellness Workshop, participants will:

  • Define Recovery
  • Explore 3 essential steps to recovery
  • Identify the 4 pillars of recovery
  • Discover 8 keys to recover & thrive
  • Learn 7 strategies of spontaneous healing
  • Create a Personalized Wellness Action Plan
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Gayathri’s story of recovery and self-transformation is a marvel and inspiration for all of us – those who suffer, those who serve – that even at the darkest moments, hope, recovery and peace are possible. The experience of hearing this story from Gayathri herself, with her radiant energy, passion and love, was simply astonishing.
Christopher Gordon, MD

Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

It was my dream to be an architect. Due to my illness, this dream had turned to ashes. But, new hope has arisen like a phoenix out of these ashes. Today’s program and Gayathri have inspired me to fly again!
Altaf Sheikh

For anyone struggling against the darkness of depression, Gayathri Ramprasad provides a ray of hope. For everyone using and/or providing mental health services, she provides powerful evidence that recovery is real. To say she is an inspiring speaker is an understatement; she is truly a driving force for good. Her entrepreneurial spirit, her personal commitment, and her charisma contribute energy and direction to ongoing efforts to advance humane treatment, effective services, and public acceptance of people with mental illnesses.
Patricia B. Nemec, Psy.D. C.R.C., C.P.R.P

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Workforce Development Consultant, USA

I enjoyed your presentation Healing from Depression. Thank you for sharing your personal stories; it made the presentation so much more poignant. I appreciate the way you welcomed each person into the discussion & were attentive to their needs. The power point & handouts were very well done. I especially like the quotes from famous people who have suffered from depression.

It really hit home how it is my responsibility to make the changes in my behaviors to help manage my depression. It’s one thing to know what to do, but it’s another to do what needs to be done consistently. Exercising daily is my biggest challenge. I know it will be most helpful.
Thank you again for you experience & guidance.

Melissa Williamson

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