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Living with a mental illness is debilitating. Treatment works. Recovery is possible. But, the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health issues deters many of us from seeking help, and forces us into lives of social isolation. Peers – people with lived experience of mental illness can be powerful agents of change and transformation. In sharing our stories of resilience, we can give hope, and inspire people struggling with mental health issues around the world with one single message: You Can Recover.

The You Can Recover Project’s mission is to give HOPE to people struggling with mental health issues around the world, and inspire them with personal insights on how to recover and rebuild a healthy, meaningful, productive life.

At ASHA International, we are excited to launch the You Can Recover Project, and invite you to share your recovery story. Together, we can give HOPE to every man, woman and child struggling with mental illness, and empower them on their road to recovery.

Alone we struggle; together we thrive.

Thank you for your valuable participation in the project!

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