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We Give Hope

Thursday, November 4, 2021, 9:00 am – 12:30 pm PST 

Registered guests will receive a link to the recording of the conference to view at your convenience.


8:45 AM PST

Check-in Begins

Join us on Zoom webinar up to 15 minutes before the start of the event and introduce yourself in the chat box! The link to join will be available to you after signing up. As an attendee, no one else will be able to see or hear you, so feel free to wear what you like and get comfortable. We encourage attendees to connect in the chat box, and ask questions using the Q&A function. During our morning and afternoon Talking Circles, our speakers will be available live to answer submitted questions.

9:00 AM PST

Welcome – Saramati Krishna, MD

Emcee – Genevieve Reaume

9:10 AM PST

The Healing Power of Yoga – Molly van der Werf

Molly will share her personal mental health journey and how yoga has helped her. She will lead the group in a series of mindfulness and movement exercises that participants will be able to use at any time to center themselves.

9:30 AM PST

The Healing Power of Art – Yamini Rajan

Yamini’s struggle with depression and anxiety began at a young age. Moving across the world at age 12, dealing with a parent suffering from cancer, all while trying to figure out to be a “normal” teenage girl in a foreign country was challenging to say the least. However, her passion for art (in all its forms) remained a constant mechanism to cope with the uncertainty and loneliness she felt. Join Yamini as she talks about the healing power of art and how it connected her to both herself and her culture. 

9:50 AM PST

Talking Circle – Moderated by Tanya Hall, MFT, CADC I

Join us for this 20-minute Talking Circle, where our first two speakers Molly and Yamini will answer moderator and attendee questions from the audience submitted through Zoom’s Q&A. As an attendee, you will have the ability to submit questions anonymously if you choose.

10:15 AM PST Break
10:25 AM PST

The Healing Power of Plants – Linda Black Elk

Join Linda Black Elk as she introduces and discusses simple and safe ways to incorporate wild plant foods and medicines into your everyday lives. Linda specializes in plants that offer both delicious flavors and healing medicines, and in this talk, she will be talking about some of these amazing plants, which probably grow in your own yard! Linda will also be demonstrating some simple medicine making, so grab a teacup and follow along! 

Note: If you’d like to follow along with the demonstration, you’ll need 1/4 cup dried rose hips, 1/4 cup dried mint, and 1/4 cup dried dandelion leaves. You’ll also need some hot water and a cup!

11:00 AM PST

The Healing Power of Work – Donna Hardaker

Work is fundamental to who we are as human beings. We identify by our work, and it gives us routine, activity, a sense of contribution and social connection. It also can be a significant hazard to our mental health when we are exposed to stressful working conditions. The pandemic has shone a bright light on the benefits and risks of working, giving us an opportunity to question the systems and structures around us at work. Donna will describe her experience of navigating mental health challenges while being at work, off work and returning to work, and how she came to develop a methodology of considering human needs at work as a way of understanding ourselves and each other better.

11:30 AM PST

The Healing Power of Sports – Chelle Thompson

Chelle shares her story on how sports became the outlet for her to deal with traumas she experienced in her childhood. She discusses how sports provided a safety net for her to channel her emotions, but also how she used those emotions through sport in a way that propelled her in a positive direction.

11:55 AM PST

Talking Circle – Moderated by Sandra Wilborn

Join us for this 30-minute Talking Circle, where our second two speakers Linda and Donna will answer moderator and attendee questions from the audience submitted through Zoom’s Q&A. As an attendee, you will have the ability to submit questions anonymously if you choose.

12:25 PM PST Wrap-up & Evaluations – Genevieve Reaume
12:30 PM PST Event Concludes

The Talking Circle is a traditional way for Native American people to solve problems. It is a very effective way to remove barriers and to allow people to express themselves with complete freedom.

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