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Meditation, once believed to be a practice relegated to mystics, has increasingly become mainstreamed over the last couple of decades. 

During one of my hospitalizations in America for severe depression in 1989, a caring physician recommended I try Transcendental Meditation (TM) to manage my moods and help me heal. Fortunately, I found a teacher in my community to teach me the Transcendental Meditation technique which is based on the ancient Vedic tradition of enlightenment in India.

 I still remember the first day when my teacher, Pat, taught me the technique. We were sitting cross-legged with our eyes closed on the Persian carpet in the living room of her apartment in Beaverton. But, while Pat sat still, Buddha-like, her breath steady, body relaxed and face serene with peace, my breath was erratic and my mind wandered to the many things I need to do and hadn’t done that day – the laundry, the groceries, the dishes, the bills, my daughter’s dentist appointment, her play date, the itch in my back……

 “Don’t worry Gayathri” Pat had said sensing me squirm, “Just allow your mind to effortlessly transcend your thoughts.” “With practice, you will experience a deep state of restful consciousness.”  Although I hadn’t believed Pat that first session or in the several sessions that followed, eventually, after weeks of practicing, I was able to tap into the hitherto unexplored tranquility of my mind.

 Over the last twenty-three years, the regular practice of Transcendental Meditation has transformed my life. Despite the ups and downs of life, and recurrent bouts of depression, meditation centers and calms me, and fills me with creativity. And, it has greatly enhanced my overall health and well-being.

 I sincerely hope you give Transcendental Meditation a try. Among many other benefits, consistent practice of Transcendental Meditation relieves stress, promotes deep relaxation, and produces a wide range of positive effects on a person’s mind, body, and behavior.

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