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Spring is in the air and cherry blossoms and magnolias are in full bloom in my neighborhood. As the days get longer, so do my To-Do lists. The sunny skies and warmer weather entice me to stay up as late as I can. And, it takes tremendous will power to turn off the lights and go to sleep while daylight lingers a bit longer each day. Yet, I have learned over the years, that I need to get eight hours of sleep to be healthy and productive.  

I would like to share an article from Dr. Oz about how to get a good night’s sleep. And, invite you to savor the many benefits of sleep. 

How to sleep better
by Dr. Mehmet Oz

Once upon a time, you could sleep like a baby. Now you’d be lucky to get a full eight hours of peaceful, uninterrupted slumber.

As a father of four, a surgeon, and a talk show host, I know all about sleepless nights. More than 25 years ago, when I was a surgical resident, I conditioned myself to get by on just two or three hours of sleep a night. I can recall walking down an empty hospital corridor after a long shift and seeing the sun rising silently over the city. I often had trouble drifting off when I got home and continued to have insomnia even after my residency ended.

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Gayathri Ramprasad, MBA, CPS 

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