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We Give Hope

The Power Of Us

Even as the COVID19 global pandemic has changed our lives and filled us with dread, I am deeply inspired by the resilience of human beings to rise together in solidarity to support each other. And, this gives me hope to wake up each day and do my best. A week ago, I received an email from a local nonprofit organization I serve on the Board at, Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare, inviting our community to sew masks for healthcare workers. Given the shortage and critical need for masks, I asked my girlfriend Kathy if she would join me in sewing masks. Kathy invited a few of her friends to join us and together, we made 54 masks which she dropped off. This week, the group has grown even larger and we hope to make and drop off 100 masks. Each of us have gifts that are much needed by our community in this hour of need. Perhaps it is mowing an elderly neighbor’s lawn or offering to pick up groceries or medications for them. Perhaps it is surprising a neighbor’s child with a caravan of cars honking to celebrate her birthday. Perhaps it is dropping off dinner at your friend’s door. The power of us is stronger than any...
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