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Aarna Dixit

Everyone has mental health.

Aarna has always been an involved, whether it be with student leadership, multiple clubs or volunteering. She has always strived for perfectionism. But behind the facade she puts up for others, Aarna has been struggling with anxiety and depression for the past few years. Between all the activities she involves herself in and her goal to be perfect, she never really paid attention to her mental health.

For the longest time, she pushed down her feelings and dismissed them. It took her a long time to start acknowledging her emotions and open up to her loved ones. But opening up to her friends and family was a turning point for her mental health. With supportive friends and loving parents, she was able to seek professional help and learn healthy coping mechanisms.

Over the past two years, Aarna has expressed her passion for mental health advocacy by working at the Youthline (peer-to-peer crisis line), writing blogs, and now being a storyteller with ASHA. Talking to people about her struggles helped her, and she hopes to help others through sharing her story and talking about issues that society often stigmatizes. Everyone has mental health, and Aarna hopes to create a community where talking about mental health and coping isn’t taboo.

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