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Audrey Steele

Speaking out helped save my life.

Audrey’s life was being consumed by anorexia. She struggled with friends, school, family and herself. Every day became a struggle for her. She felt ashamed for having a mental health condition and was afraid to ask for help. Unaware of what was happening in her mind, she worked up enough courage and reached out to her mom for help.

This was the turning point for her recovery. Talking with doctors and counselors helped Audrey figure out the help she needed, she was sent to a recovery clinic and finally started to piece together how she could recover from her eating disorder. After being released she found a support system and loved ones who would help her whenever she needed it.

Through her journey, she learned ways to cope and heal. Talking and telling others what was happening played a huge role in Audrey’s recovery. She believes it is important to tell stories of mental health conditions so everyone feels comfortable enough to speak out and seek help if they need. She believes the stigma around mental health needs to end, and the only way it will is by starting a conversation and asking questions. She hopes for a future where people can seek the help they need without feeling shame. 

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