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Dave Mowry

Shattering stigma one joke at a time.

Happy hour? There should also be a crappy hour for depressed people. And bipolar people could go to both.

Once a successful business man and entrepreneur, Dave’s life descended into darkness due to his struggles with bipolar disorder and extreme anxiety. He calls these 14 years of suffering his lost years. Years later, Dave took a stand-up comedy class for people with mental health challenges. Everything changed. Dave used his challenges with mental illness to find humor in his experiences. Today he shares his humor by teaching stand-up comedy to others with mental health challenges, performing, writing books, writing for bp Magazine, and speaking to local, state and national groups.

Dave recently published his book OMG That’s Me! What started out as a couple of blog posts blossomed into a following of over 200,000 people—who have all read and been touched by Mowry’s stories. Dave is the winner of ASHA International’s 2018 Hope Bringer Award.

Dave says: My story of experiencing the depths of darkness and despair because of bipolar disorder and extreme anxiety is not mine alone. It is also the story of millions of other people. My story of survival and recovery, told with seriousness and humor, will shatter stigma and share the message with other people with mental health challenges that there is help and there is hope and recovery is possible.

Dave on Grit & Grace Storytelling Show


Dave’s Message of HOPE

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