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We Give Hope

Cindy Robinson

Sharing a Message of Honesty and Acceptance.

Cindy has been in the role of caregiver for family members with mental illness, as a daughter and as a parent, while also dealing with her own anxiety.

After her mother suffered a debilitating major depressive episode in 2008 and was hospitalized for two months, Cindy became her primary caregiver and saw firsthand, the impact that reverberates through the entire family when a family member is mentally ill and in crisis. Fast forward to 2017 and Cindy found herself in the role as a parent, caring for a depressed, suicidal 14 year-old daughter. In assisting her daughter, Natalie, learn to thrive despite her depression and anxiety, Natalie taught her to be more open in sharing our authentic selves and stories. Finding the courage to do this, not only benefits our own wellbeing, but all those who are willing to listen.

Through her journey over the past decade, Cindy has learned the value of being open and honest about her family’s struggles and the power of acceptance. Cindy is grateful for the storytelling that ASHA provides. She truly believes it is one of the most important means to end the stigma of mental illness and provide hope to those feeling hopeless.

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